55! April 15, 2007 at 5:17 pm

Today was one of those days that was meant to be spent outside. I had thought about doing a ride early this morning. At 7:30 the sky was clear and things looked good. By the time I was ready (I had forgot to dry my riding clothes from yesterday) It had clouded up and was raining a little. That cleared up and by noon I was getting ready to go for a ride. I had to do a small amount of work on the bike and I had planned to just do a quick trip around Lake Sammamish. I was feeling pretty good so I changed my plan and went over the Sammamish Plateau. When I go to Redmond, I was still feeling pretty good and decided I would take the Sammamish river trail up to Woodinville and have my snack and then head home. I was still feeling pretty good so instead I continued around the top of Lake Washington on the Burke Gillman Trail through the UW and finally across the I90 and back home. I rode a total of just over 55 miles today. That is the longest I’ve gone this century on a bicycle. I feel pretty good too. I was a little ill prepared for the ride and didn’t bring enough fuel, but I made it. The last 6 miles was the worst, but nearly as bad as the last time I came across the I-90 Bridge. That time I was beat. I am tired and I will feel this ride tomorrow, but it was a good one!

Some of the people I ride with are trying to convince me that doing the STP in one day is the way to go. There are some appealing reasons why I am not completely turning my nose up at the idea. I have a little while left before I must make my choice.

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