Will it hold? April 10, 2007 at 9:54 am

Last night I saw the writing on the scale. I ended the day at the same weight that I started the day. When this happens I generally start the next day 2-3 pounds lighter. I was 211.2 last night and this morning I FINALLY broke the 210 barrier with 208.4! Now the key to this being a stable lower number is me watching the binging for the rest of the week. Last night I ~did~ have a about 200-300 extra calories of snackish food, but I avoided going way overboard. The coolest thing was that the scale (the official 20/20 Scale) at the Pro Club showed me at 209.4 after my workout.

I am now the lightest I have been in at least 17 years. I was over 210 by the time I was 20. I don’t have the records of that and I am going by memory, but I know that my lowest weight was around 210 during my cycling routine in Arizona when I was 24 and 25. I was just fitting into size 34’s back then too, so the clothes are a good verification of that number. I was however still in XL shirts back then and now I use large. I’ll write that up to size inflation.

This is cool for me because I was parked between 211 and 220 for the last 4-5 weeks with no appreciable downward trend. I was smack in the middle +/-4 pounds. Most of that has been my diet. This really goes to show what I “can get away with” to maintain my weight when I finally wish to stop dropping poundage. I will never be able to go back to the lifestyle that I once lived, but I look at that as a benefit and NOT a loss. I am much happier knowing what is in my food and I do enjoy cooking. I’ve been eating much better foods in the last 8 months and frankly, I really LOVE the way my body responds.

Coffee and caffeine have been out of my system now for a few weeks and I’ve started waking up BEFORE my alarm again in the morning. Not only do I wake up before the alarm, but I am NOT groggy after getting out of bed. I don’t need 30-40 minutes of “ramp up” time in the morning. This was something that started to wane around the time I started drinking coffee again. During the first Phase of the program when I avoided coffee all together I experienced the same effect. I’ve known this for years. Duh! The first time I recognized the effect on me was when I was 24! Now if I can just avoid coffee next winter. It won’t be an issue this spring/summer/fall.

I am going to go celebrate with a box of Krispy Cream donuts. NOT! This wouldn’t have been a far stretch when I lived in Miami.  My "celebrations" happened on average once a month with a FULL box of the donuts.  I get ill just driving near the KC in Issaquah now.  Bleck.

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