33 April 9, 2007 at 10:03 am

Yesterday I went out trying to do some retail therapy. Too many places closed for Easter, but Eddie Bauer’s in the Redmond Town Center was open so I stopped in. I generally don’t shop at that store out of a matter of principal. Retail is OK, but EB is too much. Anyway, I tried on a pair of 33 waist shorts more or less out of curiosity and found them to be nearly wearable. I am really shocked at that. It is annoying that size 33 seems to be less than popular, but it is more popular than size 35, which is next to impossible to find. (Of course, EB has size 35’s!)

I still look fat to myself. I wonder if that will ever change. I KNOW that my legs are in excellent shape and I am quite happy with everything south of my belly and even north of the belly. My mid section is the last to go. It is happening very slowly. The “love handles” are still evident and my “fat pouch” is getting smaller. Today I did something that I surprised me. I really shouldn’t have been that surprised, but it was a first in a very long time! I was able to do a stretch that required me to bow my legs out to make room for the fat pouch before. Today the extra girth was small enough to squish out and in on its own. I can bring my knees up to my chest now. It takes time and I have to be warm because my muscles haven’t done that maneuver in countless years.

This week I want to focus on stabilizing my diet again. The uncertainty at work is starting to coalesce into a clearer picture, so my hope is that that stressor will be out of my life by the end of this month. It is possible that it could be an issue through May, but I hope (and I am working at this very diligently) to have the issue resolved within the next few weeks.

I still haven’t seen sub 210 yet. Last night wasn’t the best night I’ve had food wise this week so I wasn’t overly surprised to see 211 this morning. Seeing sub 210 is the next goal, STAYING sub 210 follows very closely after that. With the shock a couple of weeks ago of seeing 220+ for a few hours it was a wakeup call of sorts. Ultimately I think I would like 200 to be my “oh my gosh” number. Still working on that.

After I’ve collected enough data to make the results interesting I will publish a graph of my AM and PM weights. I find the general trends quite interesting and seeing the fluctuations every day is interesting. Some of the binges correlate directly to sustained weight regains and I can even notice the extra FAT on my body. Other binges don’t show evidence of more permanent damage. At least they don’t directly show increased fat storage in the short term. I suspect that if I kept it up over a couple of weeks that it would show up! I don’t want that to happen.

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