Grumble June 10, 2014 at 6:03 pm

I have had crummy “luck” with power supplies. (Better them, than some of the alternatives!) I was in the middle of using my “big boy” Linux box today (remotely via XWindows and SSH) and “things” just ground to a halt. (All my VM’s that had network mappings to various resources hung, and the host OS wasn’t happy either.)

Took me a while to track down that problem. I always favor local over remote for trouble (mainly because I didn’t want to trapse over to the room my Linux box was in). When I finally figured out the problem I had to pull apart a bunch of wiring to get at the box. Then I had to start diagnosing issues by pulling likely culprits out of the box. In the end by the time I figured out it was the PSU, Corsair tech support was gone for the day. Sigh. Even ~IF~ they honor the warranty (it is registered and under a year old) that means at LEAST a week without my (big) computer. The AX1200 seems to be discontinued these days and I loath wiring. That is one of the reasons when I built this beast that I picked the modular Corsair. MUCH easier to deal with cable routing. Looks like the replacement AX1200i doesn’t use the same connectors so even if I jaunt over to FRYS and pick up something local, I am likely to have a “fun time.” rewiring everything. (I don’t trust their web site, but they say the AX1200 or AX1200i isn’t available in store.)

I suppose there is ~something~ to say about the Macbook Pro Retina that leaves almost everything beyond user intervention. Over all I use that machine (at least as a front end) more than any other. (Typically with the lid down, external mouse and keyboard too.) If it wasn’t for the few times I need to pull it and work with the machine remotely, I would likely be happier with something like a powerful Intel NUC device “glued” behind my monitors. The specs are getting fairly decent. Some will even support two 30″ monitors via Displayport 1.2 multi-streaming.


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