“Only” 62 miles this weekend… April 8, 2007 at 11:39 am

Yesterday we had a team ride on Vashon Island. Because of the “hills” the ride coach made this ride shorter than rides we have been doing lately. For ME this wasn’t required, but I am not the only one on the team and not everyone is in the same condition. Some are in much better shape and others aren’t. If the weather had been nicer, I probably would have looked for a route to add another 20-30 miles onto the route we took. It was a fairly easy day and while I did notice the hills, they were not much of a challenge. I hope these aren’t famous last words.

Today I hadn’t completely planned on riding, but the weather was just too incredible NOT to ride. I started by going over Lakemont and then road around Lake Sammamish. My average for today was 16.6 miles per hour, but the computer stopped recording speeds under 5mph. I think (hope) it is because the sensor is too far away from the computer. After I had done about 20 miles a really GOOD rider was in front of me. He was setting a pace of over 24mph. I was able to keep up with his pace for about 2 miles, but when he got to a hill, I backed off and didn’t see him the rest of the morning. My pace was around 20 after that. That just goes to show you that no matter how good you are, it is highly likely someone else is that much better!

A few people on the team have commented that I am a speed daemon. Ha! I was barely able to keep up with the same people on my hybrid after about 20 miles, now the pace they set is just way too slow. I am truly amazed how much the new bike has improved my performance. I wasn’t expecting such a marked improvement.

I’ve been saying I am going to start commuting into work for the last couple of months. Will I finally start? I hope so!

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