Nearly there (again!) April 5, 2007 at 11:02 am

Over the last few weeks I have been battling the binge. I have almost got it under control and my period of “maintenance” hopefully will stop and I can start dropping again. To that end, I have seen 223 last week and 210.8 this morning. I didn’t really drop over 10 pounds of weight in the last week, but I would guestimate around 5 total. I’ve been hovering around 217 +/- 3 for the last few weeks. This week I’ve been steadily seeing lower and lower weights again. To date 210.8 is the lowest weight I have seen ever (Some time back I was there once before). I may be able to break the 210 barrier next week if I can keep the binging under control over the weekend.

Last night I had an episode, but thankfully kept to “better” selections. It helps a lot that I don’t tend to have many “bad” selections around the house. Crackers tend to set me off and I need to be extra careful around them.

I am pretty certain I understand the general origin of the what is going on. Certainty and stability make for a good foundation. When uncertainty creeps in (even if it isn’t completely apparent) the brain responds. I’ve been going though some uncertainty at work and that is coming to a head. This lack of focus and certainty in direction is definitely having a major impact. When you combine this with other factors, it makes for interesting bedfellows. This is likely one of the contributors to my unplanned chowing down.

I’ve been measuring my weight in the morning (after a restroom break) and just before I go to bed at night. I generally see a 4-5 pound delta between my morning weight and my evening weight. The days when the evening weight are only 1-2 pounds over my morning weight (like yesterday) are the days I see lower numbers the next day. When I publish my results again (as soon as I figure out how I want to display the data) I’ll like use the A.M. number as ~my~ watch point. Given my normal 4-5 pound delta during the day, I need some basis number to watch. It is about the trends at least for now. I definitely either gain weight or just maintain when I eat out more! (The binges don’t help much either.)

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