The “Hope Monkey” is dead, long live the “Hope Monkey” January 28, 2015 at 4:17 pm

I recently re-read the first book of the “Star Force” series Swarm by B.V. Larson. In that book the main character talks about how his “Hope Monkey” grabbed a hold of him various times in the book.

I just went through a similar emotional situation (thankfully NOTHING ~AT ALL~ like the events in the book, JUST the emotional reactions). I tried REALLY hard not to even consider giving into the hope and I failed miserably. In both regards. For that which I had hope, and for letting the hope give me energy. It is a massive come down. I went from feeling on top of the world, to another place entirely.

You never WANT to ‘give up all hope,’ and I ‘hope’ that the gross death of the last “Hope Monkey” can be cast asunder and a new one can take its place. I am old enough to know that I am a “passionate individual” and that is a sword that has two edges and is many times as dangerous to the wielder as it is to the obstacles my passions can help me overcome.

Don’t take any of the analogies to seriously. Followed beyond the mere surface likeness, would make them exceptionally scary.

OK, so back to that book. :-) I would not say “Mr. Larson is the worlds best producer of great literature.” It is enough for me to say that I enjoy his work and my kindle account is loaded with a good percentage of his product. Swarm is one of the most memorable (and the first) of the series, but all have been enjoyable. IDK if it would appeal to you. My tastes are “fairly pedestrian” apparently.


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