Inconvenient, indeed. April 1, 2007 at 8:52 pm

A bunch of semi coherent ramblings follow.  I have yet to ferment any of my raw feelings into something I can use. Still too much information to slog through and process.

Today I started the day with a nice 4-5 mile hike that started with mostly cloudy skies, climbed into the snow line, and ended up near a mostly frozen over lake.  It was a good hike and I quite enjoy being out and about in nature.

Why is my life so full of interesting contrasts? 

Tonight I watched a movie that I had avoided watching for many months.  I am still digesting the message put forth in the movie, but I know from my current life experiences during the last 10 years of my life that many of the causes of the apathy towards the issue of global warming are clearly parts of my life.

I am not offering any real salient points in this entry.  I am logging this as a seedling of what may be the beginning of an awakening of sorts.  I already use mostly florescent lighting and own a hybrid. My reasons for these things have NOT really been because of the impact that it would have on the environment. The light bulbs were a nod towards efficiency and not really because the end result would be less CO2 in the atmosphere.  The hybrid was more of a nod towards cool technology and the impact that technology would have on my wallet than the effect the reduced emissions would have.  I prove one of Mr. Gore’s points for him. Moving over to new technologies that help the environment do not have to stifle the economy.  If people are GIVEN the alternatives then many will choose those alternatives. Gas ~should~ be $10 a gallon in the US.  Maybe then we would have cars that would use fuel more wisely AND it would encourage people to demand said vehicles. 

When I owned SUV for 7 years I frequently would say that gas ~should~ be $5 a gallon. ~My~ reasoning for this was because I believe (and I still do) that burning fossil fuels is bad and at a higher price point for auto fuel, hydrogen technologies would become much more competitive.  I am not going to debate if hydrogen or diesel or whatever is the better choice.  I personally believe that moving towards other technologies for personal transportation is a good thing.  I’d like to see hydrogen as a major player, but it won’t happen in a vacuum. Production of the resource needs to be achieved and the invective used against alternate technologies (FUD) needs to be addressed.

Tomorrow I will still drive into work in the morning.  I have reasons, but the biggest one is not being prepared for it (still!). I really WANT to start cycling into work.  My reasons are not to reduce my CO2 contributions, but as a good alternative to hitting the gym.  The fact that I will generally save a little money and reduce my CO2 contribution is a side benefit. 

Like I said, a bunch of semi coherent ramblings tonight.  Not really going any ware except as a log of my thoughts. 

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