10 Years to the Day … Weird April 13, 2015 at 1:20 pm

For some reason today I was going ‘back in time’ reading over my BLOG. This whole thing has started / stopped / started / sputtered, and has mostly been ‘Meh’ overall. There really isn’t a coherent theme, and other than ‘bot traffic’ AFAIK I am really the only person that pays it much attention. I know it gets indexed and I know every now and then someone spends a little time here, but not overly so.

So I REALLY didn’t plan this AND I went ALL the way back in time (as far as THIS BLOG is concerned). Wow, 10 years ago I was sitting in Miami (Most likely Miami Beach ~and~ most likely at my desk in my SOON to fail business, the writing WAS clearly on the wall, but it wasn’t long after I started the blog when the final decision was made by me to pack it in.)

This blog was more or less ‘started on a whim’ (as I remember it) because some ‘folks that I knew’ had basically rolled out a blogging service many months prior and I figured, what the heck. (I actually DID ~know~ a few of the people that worked on it, as in like personally met them, but couldn’t tell you who they are NOW. Sad really, but that is life.)

During ‘its’ life, the blog has transitioned between (I am fairly sure it ~was~ originally MSN, as that would have put me in contact with ‘folks that worked on it’) at least 4 different groups at MS, and another host when MS shut down. I ~think~ the last iteration was called ‘Live Spaces’. I didn’t make notes on all of that so reality is that I am likely wrong.

Wow. Something that has some fairly interesting (to me anyway) key focal points of my life preserved. I didn’t really BLOG about most of my ‘failures’ but I can see the initial cracks that started the avalanches.

Nor have I written about ALL of my successes either, but I can see some of those obliquely preserved too! (It is ALL about context.)

The weird part? Todays entry wouldn’t even EXIST unless I was triggered to look at the content by an exceptionally weird confluence of butterfly wings flapping. Even then, deciding to LOOK AT my very first entry wasn’t a conscious decision! That to me is THE MOST odd part. Completely unplanned.

Weird. (And Wow, 10 friggin’ years TO THE DAY. Kinda neet?) Weird.

I wonder right this minute what the future holds. I have noticed more than one subtle observation that has turned out to be ~major~ themes in my life AND I didn’t understand the ramifications of the observations AT THE TIME. I am loath to make any other observations right now because of that. You know, ‘jinx’ things, because THAT would be science. 😉


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