The Kindle is dead, Long live the Kindle! April 20, 2015 at 7:45 pm

Sometimes ya just gotta wonder ’bout things.

2015-04-20 19.20.11

This is the third Kindle I have murdered. I don’t THINK I am especially evil to my hardware, but wow.

On one hand this was a Gen 1 Paperwhite AND I had considered getting a Voyage when it was announced, however the Paperwhite was just fine and I really didn’t NEED a new device. (Not like that has really ever stopped me in the past!) I had put off dealing with it for a while and last night the ‘watershed moment’ happened. I launched that puppy off of a towel I set the device on. Something about hitting the corner on a tile floor from at least 5-6 feet in the air didn’t agree with the touch screen. Like previously destroyed devices this shattered the touch screen enough to render it unusable.

Last week Apple did me a solid and replaced a battery on my iPhone 5 under warranty. I was ‘kinda’ hoping that I would ‘have’ to buy an iPhone 6, but alas instead they just made me a more loyal customer. In all fairness, Amazon did the same with the second of 2 K3’s that got killed too. Something tells me that an assisted launch of a Kindle isn’t really a warranty event. :-) At least this one lasted a couple of years.

I am not all that unhappy about it, and I REALLY didn’t do it on purpose. :-O


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