What a weekend… March 26, 2007 at 10:34 am

Saturday there was NO CHANCE in hell that I was going to go and ride in the rain. I dislike it on the best of days and well, Saturday was more for ducks than humans. Many insane folks did ride on Saturday. More power to them! I waited for Sunday. More on that later. Saturday I went into the gym so that I wouldn’t miss at least some cardio workout. Wow I felt great. I did a full hour on the step mill at level 13 and then 30 minutes on the elliptical at level 18. It was a pretty good workout.

The rest of the day I spent running errands and driving all over the place getting equipment for an electrical project that I needed to do. I go an extra storage room to have a place to work on my bikes in my condo. The room didn’t have any electrical outlets or even a light switch to turn the light off. My “storage neighbor” and I reconfigured the electrical so we could have power and light switches for each of the individual halves of the room. That took about 4 hours on Saturday and about 2 on Sunday morning. I am happy with the results. It is handy to be somewhat handy.

Sunday afternoon I decided to go for a ride. The rain had finally cleared up and this magical heat producing yellowish thing was peeking out at us. I made the mistake of thinking that it would actually be warm out and was a little ill prepared for the ride. I started by climbing up Lakemont Blvd and road through Newcastle and part of Renton, then circled back to Issaquah. It was my intention to go around Lake Sammamish too. However, with the wind and me forgetting to put on ear protection, I was thoroughly trashed and wimped out and went home instead.

I am doing a little better with my “binging,” but it still happening a little. I KNOW it is happening and it isn’t mindless in that it doesn’t happen without my awareness. I just elect not to stop it. I need to figure out my motivation or lack thereof. Take right now. I am hungry. It isn’t ~just~ cravings in that I ~do~ feel my tummy telling me that it wants food. But with the mixed signals of mouth watering being generally more attributed to cravings, I am trying to put off eating my (already prepared) lunch for about 30 more minutes. I ~know~ that will quash the hunger and the cravings in one go, but the earlier I eat the earlier it will return. Based on what I was supposed to have learned on the program, I need to re-jigger my diet to make either my snack or my breakfast. Both of which were a little atypical for me today. Lunch is pretty much normal today.

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