Purring in Stereo March 24, 2007 at 7:19 am

I have two content little (still unnamed) kitties purring on each side of the keyboard as I type this. Loudly. Both are rumbling away. I should be able to feel the purr in the keyboard. At least I know they are happy about something.

I’ve been considering names for the beasties and these are the current candidates. (#1 is White Bib, #2 is “cloudy”) RC & Beta / Scobee & Yuri. RC is Release Candidate in geek-speak and Beta is prerelease stuff. Dick Scobee was the commander of the ill-fated shuttle mission in 1986 and Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space. I’ve had a cat named after a Greek letter in the past so even though I like RC & Beta as names I am leaning towards other names.

#1 has now moved to leaning on my left arm and is just a humming away. #2 is curled up behind (check that). I went to grab my camera and #1 bailed on me and is figure 8ing around my legs marking his territory. Strike that. He is thinking this typing thing is a good idea. I’ve always had cats that resisted photography. As soon as they noticed anyone paying attention to them, they either bolted (Dax) or came running for a petting (Kamin). Epsilon was his own character. Purrrfect.

The kids while I was attempting to write this:

 RC or Scobee?


Beta or Yuri?

A fight for the right to own the keyboard just as I posted this earlier (brothers!):

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