It’s just the beginning… March 17, 2007 at 8:50 pm

On Monday I meet for the last official portion of my 20/20 Lifestyles program. It is a kind of bitter sweet realization. On one hand I am pleased as punch that the program has helped me get as far as I have in the last seven months. My last numbers are going to be either 216 or 217 from a starting point of 328. That is nothing to sneeze at. Just dropping 50 pounds radically changed my life for the better. Dropping the additional weight has been a pretty good journey. The program helped me understand many things and I believe that it has given me the knowledge to help me pull through other issues that really cannot be addressed other than by me!

I am NOT done.  I am still targeting 200 pounds. I have seen as low as 211 in the mornings. I’ve been hovering around 213-214 most of the latter part of last week. The number I plan on using in the future is my morning weight. It is the only consistent number that makes sense.

I am still feeling FAT. Part of that feeling this week is enforced by the binging behavior that has been going on the last week or so. I still don’t fully understand my motivation behind why it is happening. I have a couple of theories that I am going to explore. The first is my continuing battle with caffeine. I love coffee, but I also have a problem with moderation and coffee. When I have 4-5 cups of coffee in a day (it happened this week a number of times) I generally feel like crap until I get MORE coffee in my system in the morning. I’ll wake up groggy or even sleep through the alarm clock. For the last 5-6 months I have NOT had this symptom and it really goes to show that either the coffee OR the caffeine effects my performance. Starting this morning I pledged to cut the coffee out of my system again. I am currently going through the hot flashes that normally happen when I “come down” off of coffee. Lets NOT talk about the headaches. Given my current physical state I expect that I should be able to function well tomorrow and be mostly symptom free on Monday. That is stage one. I would like to see what effect that will have.

The next item is reducing my stress levels. That one is not likely to change until at least May. I am currently actively looking to switch jobs and that can really add to the perceived stress levels.

As part of my transition off of the program I started training for the Seattle to Portland 204 mile two day double century. Today was one of the best days of riding that I’ve had. I got to ride a carbon fiber bike today as a demo bike. Where I was once sitting on the fence, the first 10 miles of the ride firmly made me hop to one side and by the end of the ride I was 100% convinced of the way to go. I pulled the trigger on a pretty awesome bike. If I am lucky I should have the bike on the last weekend of this month. I am excited about this. I love cycling and this new toy makes riding fun. I also made steps to make bike maintenance a lot easier. I was able to procure an extra storage unit in my condo that is attached to my parking space in the garage. Now I will have a little work area that I can use to keep the bike clean and not worry about tracking crap into the house. Now I don’t have THAT excuse for not riding in the rain.

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