Something new 4 me! February 27, 2007 at 2:06 pm

The last couple of times I have been up on the slopes I have had vision issues. Glasses and snow don’t mix too well because of fogging and crap sticking to the lens. I knew it was time to finally give in to trying contacts. Last week I made an appointment to be fitted for contacts. I went in on Tuesday, but had to wait until today to actually get contacts that would work for me. My astigmatism is pretty bad and only one manufacturer (according to the Doctor) makes contacts that will correct my particular eyesight. It is fairly cool for me to be able to see (even a little blurry) without glasses. I’ll get my first test on the slopes soon enough! I’ll give the contacts a try for a while and if I get used to them it will just edge me even closer to considering Lasic. For that I still want to wait and see how “older” people have faired as the surgery has progressed over the years. Contacts are just a few more inches towards this, but it has the potential to accelerate my adoption. Baby steps!

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