41 February 10, 2007 at 2:37 pm

I was only supposed to ride about 30 miles today. That was my intention anyway. If I had been able to stop at about 30 I would feel not too bad. I ended up having to do just over 41 miles and I am beat. It is a good feeling, but after roughly 3 hours (according to the computer) of riding I need the rest. The good news is that is close to half of what I will need to do in July for the STP. The bad news is that today shows how much I really need the training. Better to learn this NOW instead of two weeks before the event.

I hope to start riding my bike into work at least once a week starting this week on Tuesday. To start, I will probably just go in the easiest way with the lowest traffic. Probably in March I will start riding around Lake Sammamish to increase my distance in the mornings. In April I will have to extend that even further. My commute home I’ll most likely keep simple until the days get longer. A straight shot home is about 7.5 miles. My guess is that will take 35-45 minutes depending on my condition.

I have never ridden on Mercer Island before. In fact I had never even done even part of the I-90 trail until today. It was pretty cool. I am off to do some errands before I collapse. I need to rest for skiing tomorrow. That is going to be fun with my legs all jello-y.

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