Planning February 8, 2007 at 6:26 pm

You would think that after six months I would know that I ~have~ to plan my meals and I really shouldn’t try and wing it. I ~do~ know this but every now and again, I think that I can handle it. Today was one of those days where my plans didn’t agree with my intended implementation.

I have been having some trouble sleeping lately. Just under a year ago I weighed about 340 pounds. During the sleep study for my apnea it was determined that I should have my CPAP set at a level of 22. I didn’t care for the machines that would handle that high of a number, so I settled for a CPAP that went only as high as 20. Last night I went in for another study. The new recommended level is 8. The doctor was so surprised that he wanted me to adjust the machine ASAP. Yet another good thing from my participation in the 20/20 Lifestyles program!

So back to the altered plans. I knew I was in for it plan wise because I didn’t sleep at home last night. My plans were to hit the Bistro at the Pro Sports Club for my lunch. Around 1:30 I noticed that I hadn’t had lunch and ended up just having to wing it at the cafeteria. I did OK, but I really prefer when I am in more control of my diet.

Tonight I’ll do better!

I am going to avoid publishing my weight this again this Friday. It will just make the number I show next week that much smaller. J The only reason for this is any number I showed tomorrow wouldn’t completely agree with the number the program would generate. It is a different time of day. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!



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