OMG! February 3, 2007 at 7:27 pm

Today I saw something that shocked me no end. Yesterday I officially hit 228. By the end of the day when I went to bed I showed about 225. This is normal for me because I tend to ingest a large amount of water. Today when I weighed myself ~after~ my ride this morning I was at 216. This completely threw me. So much so that I stripped naked and checked my scale again. I was at 214. What the heck happened???? Yes, my friend the porcelain throne was involved. This is almost scary. I have written my doctor on the program to ask about this because it really freaks me out at this point in the program. I did change my diet back to more of what I was eating before and I have been exercising more, but I am completely SHOCKED to see a drop like this in ONE DAY. If I am consistently under 220 for the rest of the week, I know it will hold. After having dinner and some water, I was back around 218. (A couple of liters of water will do that to you.)

Wow! This ~could~ mean that in two weeks I will officially no longer be o-beast! To see myself only 4 pounds away from my initial goal of 210 and the realization that 200 is just around the corner is freaky. It has been a relatively short journey to get to this point! In less than six months I have dropped over 100 pounds. If you believe ~my~ scale. I am 1/3 the person I was when I started the 20/20 Lifestyles Program.

That 200 pound number is beginning to look like it is definitely going to happen. I now wonder if I can make the BMI of 25. That would put me in around 185.

This program has given me the opportunity to take back a lifestyle that I really enjoy. In fact tomorrow is another day of skiing! That will mark 6 times this season. My form is greatly improving and I can handle moguls much easier than before. Tomorrow will be interesting. We shall see if the improvements from last weekend hold this weekend!

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