First ~good~ (road) ride in many years February 3, 2007 at 7:09 pm

Back when I purchased my current bicycle (a little over a year ago) I still didn’t own a car. My previous vehicle had been stolen and I went nearly a full year without owning car. I figured I would use the bike for commuting into work (about 7 miles at the time). One glorious and sunny day, I road into work. I nearly killed myself. The effort was more than my 338 pound extremely out of shape body could handle. Contrast that with today. Today I road about 10 miles to get to a 15 mile bike ride! It felt wonderful! OK, what really blew was that riding to the ride was great; the actual ride was very pacific northwesterly. It rained. I have the gear for this, and while we were riding I was plenty warm except my left foot and my fingers. I wussed out and got a ride back home after the ride. By this time my hands were warm from the effort, but my left foot (which was catching the spray from the cyclist in front of me) was soaked and chilled to the bone. On the way back I picked up some wool cycling socks. That should rectify that!

My trainer will be very happy about my workout. I got my heart rate up and did way more than my normal hour of cardio. I am planning on repeating this feat on Tuesday with a few less miles as I ride in to the office. The majority of the ride to the ride is the same as my “short” commute minus a hill.

My commute is about 7.5 to 8 miles each way depending on the route I take. In the morning I get my choice of two large hills. Thank goodness that they are on the way IN to work! It is much easier to coast down the large hills when you are tired!

Riding into work at least one day a week is going to be a regular occurrence for me. As it gets warmer I am certain to increase the number of days and the route I take into the office. It is likely I will ride all the way around Lake Sammamish to get into work when I need the distance and the extra cardio.

I’ve been thinking about all the good things that will come out of me training for the STP.

1. I am raising money for an important cause.

2. I will continue my excellent cardio activity needed to maintain my weight loss.

3. I am reducing the amount of pollution I contribute to the environment.

4. I will meet lots of other people that enjoy cycling as much as I do.

5. It is cycling!

I can’t believe how much I missed being on a bike. I noticed it while riding with my brother in LA over Christmas, but hitting the Sammamish River trail today reminded me of the good times to be had. Woot!

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