California Dreaming! December 29, 2006 at 11:40 am

I’ve been visiting my brother and his wife for the last week. Travel makes sticking to the plan a lot harder. Even with support it was also difficult to stick to the plan because of schedule differences. With all of that said, I STILL officially dropped 6 pounds. I am now at 235. This was a shock to me because of the really crappy (in comparison to my normal routine) diet that I had a few of the days while I was away. It wasn’t that the food was particularly awful for me (except the Pecan Pie), it was that I indulged heavily in the party favors that were put up for consumption.

Exercise wasn’t a major problem, just the time of day that I did it! I haven’t been cycling for a while. The cardio workouts that I have been doing made the three awesome mountain rides I did with my brother much less of a challenge than I was expecting. I felt the effects of the ride, but it wasn’t much more than how I felt after a normal good workout. This makes me very happy about this summer and the riding season in the PNW. I will probably have to purchase a REAL mountain bike this year and not just have my hybrid. I also know that riding into the office won’t nearly be as challenging as I originally thought. The hills that I was on in CA were much longer and steeper than the two hills I will have to ascend on the way into work.

Today marks the start of Phase 2 in the 20/20 Lifestyles Program. From now until a couple of weeks in March I will see the trainer on Wednesday and Friday and move to bi-weekly dietician appointments. I am not sure how the bi-weekly appointments will impact my weekly weigh-in. I haven’t fully decided if I will just skip every other week or take an interim measure. Time will tell.

Today is a beautifully clear day. I hope this weather holds for tomorrow. I am trying to convince a friend to go skiing!

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