Large! December 30, 2006 at 1:43 pm

Today I had a happy ~almost~ surprise.  I kinda figured it would happen, but it was nice to finally reach the point.  When I started the program I was buying XXXL t-shirts from Foot Locker @ 5 for $20.  I was contemplating moving to 4XL at the time, but thankfully I started the program!  Today I purchased 5 Large @ $20 and they fit quite nicely.  Most of the shirts for some brands are all now clearly L for me.  XL are looking too big and are uncomfortablely baggy.  There a still a few brands that I need an XL in for comfort.  I may actually end up in ALL large sizes in a few months.  THAT was the surprise.  I figured that XL would be the bottom size.   It is a happy surprise but none the less of a surprise.


Today I resumed the Spinning (Indoor Cycling) classes at the Pro Club and it felt good.  After seeing my brothers mountain biking shorts (and remembering how much better it felt wearing said biking shorts) I picked up a pair in Seattle at the Worlds Largest REI.  I had looked for them at smaller stores in both the LA area and in Redmond, but the Seattle store was the final ticket.  I also picked up some Under Armor sweats for skiing tomorrow.  That is a revised plan from going today.  My thumb is finally feeling mostly normal after my impact a couple of weeks ago.  Just in time to re-injure it?  I hope not!


I really love the energy that I have these days.  I spent the day shopping yesterday (food and crap for the fridge because of the power outage a few weeks back) and running a bunch of errands this morning.  I still have the majority of the afternoon to do things and I am still a buzz with energy even after spending over an hour on the stationary cycle.   I am not a big fan of shopping even on the BEST of days so am pretty happy that I can accomplish a ton of things.

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