D’oh – Nuts! December 19, 2006 at 11:25 am

I am happily unhappy! It is JUST a number and by all accounts I really shouldn’t mind it too much. The real fact of the matter is that my spotlight on the number only bothers me peripherally. However the fact that I continually write about it is an indicator that it does mean something. Life ain’t black and white! So I am officially 241 pounds. I missed my goal weight for Thursday THIS week by only .2 pounds. The ultra reality is that my weight fluctuates 6-10 pounds a day. The most consistent measure for me is in the morning after I have visited the porcelain throne. By THAT number I am consistently under 238 now with a delta of about 3-4 pounds depending on how fast my digestive system is working. I’ve seen my weight as low as 236. To put it in perspective, I am NOT on Americas Biggest Looser and the important part of the program for me is how I feel! I do have to decide what day of the week I will be using to monitor the weight trends after the conclusion of Phase 2. I will most likely use my scale at home and the numbers from the morning. The variation in food consumption and sweat activity makes it too complicated to use any other number.

I have made my appointments for my final Phase 1 measurements. I will know early January what the cumulative effects of my toils have resulted in. I should be in the 90’s for my total weight loss from Phase 1. It depends on how much of a bad boy I am while visiting my brother over the Holidays. He is aware of my dietary requirements, however with travel and the whole holiday thing it will be a challenge. I won’t have to worry about having lots of potatoes around the house. My brother wouldn’t touch a potato with a hundred foot pole unless it had been distilled first.

I am still very happy with the food I am eating. I am very grateful that I am not having uncontrollable urges to go out and eat mounds of French fries or ice cream. The binges that I have had are all within the dietary guidelines provided by the program. The fact that I am still able to drop the rather large amounts of weight while actually being a little higher in my caloric intake is only mildly annoying. The doctor has said that I am still within healthy limits. I don’t feel like I am being denied food and I definitely don’t feel run-down. I suppose I should just shut-up and enjoy the fact that my body is responding quickly to the changes.

Some of the changes that have occurred:


  •  Stairmaster: Level  1 – Level 7
  •  Elliptical: Level 1 – Level 17
  •  Pants: Size 48 – Size 36 (34 likely by the end of January)
  •  T-Shirts: XXXL – XL ( Large is a real possibility now)
  •  Shirts: XXXL – XL (All XL shirts now are comfortable and some brands of L are good)
  •  Resting Heart Rate: 79bpm – 59bpm
  •  Weight: (12/19/2006) 328lbs – 241lbs.

That list is only some of the changes that I can think of. The fact that I am comfortable skiing and doing other activities that I enjoy is hard to quantify but a tangible result of the program.

This program for me would have been worth EVERY penny of the entire fee that the Pro Club charges. The fact that my company helps pick up a good portion of the fees makes it a lot easier.

For those of you other than me that read this and might be considering doing the program:

Do the program for YOU. Make sure you REALLY want the change. If you go into the program thinking that it is something you MUST do you probably will lose the overall battle. We live in a toxic food environment and there is a lot of competing pieces of information. I really think it is best to give people that developed the program the benefit of any doubt when it comes to diet and exercise. Don’t close your mind to other forms of information, but give the program a try. There is no one size fits all in the 20/20 Lifestyles Program.

The time you spend in the gym will be difficult to reconcile at first. For many of us at a certain company we are used not spending so much time on other things. Get over it. The reason that the benefit is offered is because a healthy employee makes a productive employee. Not to mention that the drugs and other health costs associated with the metabolic disorders of being an inactive slug.

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