Blown Away… December 18, 2006 at 11:39 am

Well, this weekend was a fun one for me! After living in Miami for a few years and dealing with hurricanes, you would think I would be ready for a little wind and related damage. While the windstorm that hit the PNW late Thursday and early Friday was a “light” storm compared to a “real” storm that brews in the warm waters in the east, it none the less packed a pretty good wallop. We have lots of those tree things around this area and a crap load of above ground power lines. Not an excellent combination when it comes to wind. The falling branches and trees tend to obliterate the power grid. In all the years that I have lived in the PNW I have never been without power for more than 3-6 hours total until this weekend. Thursday night at about 9:30 things went dark and stayed that way until around 3am this morning. Roughly 78 hours of no power. No computer. No T.V. No Xbox. No hot water. No refrigerator. Oy! I generally am prepared for nasty weather and I had plenty of batteries, water, candles, and food to keep me going. Fortunately I had a gas stove and a gas fireplace, so heat wasn’t an issue at all. (Electric heater.) All things considered it was a bit like camping without the fun outdoor activities and a nice comfy couch instead of a pick nick table.

I had left my cell phone at work Thursday so I didn’t get the email that said don’t bother coming into work. It took me 1.5 hours (normal is 20 minutes) to get up to this area and 2.5 hours to make it back HOME! I neglected to change my expiring password Thursday and on Friday it finally became invalid. Not a huge deal, no one was going to be sending much email at work anyway. No power! Until Saturday rolled around. I use BETA software on my phone for work. The build that I was using EXPIRED on Saturday and was extremely adamant about NOT using the phone anymore. I couldn’t even dial out. In order to make the phone semi usable, I cleared the memory (losing all my contacts). Normally this wouldn’t be an issue. I’d just re-sync my contact list with exchange server and life would be good. But don’t forget that my password had expired BEFORE the BETA software expired. Now I was screwed! If gotten extremely lazy over the last few years I have NO idea what ANY of the phone numbers I call are! My brothers numbers (all of them, including work) were not listed in any manner accessible via 411, so I couldn’t even call my brother! Normally this wouldn’t be an issue because I would have had power at home and all that would have been available on my computer at home. It also generally wouldn’t have mattered except all of the circumstances that came together this weekend!

I am alive and have power and others aren’t as lucky as me, so I am taking it with a smile. I was able to read a number of good books over the weekend, so I am not complaining. Empire by Orison Scott Card is a VERY good read. I highly recommend it. I am still working on Fast Food Nation. I can only read a chapter or so at a time without getting too upset. I DON’T want to get started about that! Not only is a lot of the book set in Colorado (my “home” town), but we really have some VERY bad practices when it comes to food in this country. We ARE the fattest nation. That Japanese guy was right a number of years ago. We are lazy fat slobs. I resembled that remark!

Over the weekend, my scale showed me as low as 236! I would have weighed in at 239 this morning if I had seen my dietician. I am not likely to get another official weight until the last Friday of the year. L Unless she has a time this week. (Not likely as the Pro Club has only limited power and I will be traveling late this week.)

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