Swoosh! December 10, 2006 at 9:28 am

For the first time this century, I found myself on the ski slopes yesterday. It was awesomeness on two sticks! I am not a great skier and you will never find me WALKING down a black diamond, but I do enjoy a good blue run. A co-worker and I journeyed up to Stevens Pass for what by my definition was nearly a perfect day for skiing. I like well groomed runs and few moguls. Call me a freak, but I can live without powder too. We arrived about 30 minutes before the lifts opened which was perfect for me for renting my equipment and getting ready to go. I started the day doing a few green runs to make sure I still could handle everything. It is truly amazing how the body and brain can remember an activity. I was ready for the longer blue runs pretty quickly. In the morning while I was still fresh, I only lost it once coming off the lift when I wasn’t ready for how another person cut. After a late snack, in the afternoon I started having more problems. Most of the issues stemmed from limited visibility due to fogging of my glasses. I had strategically left the Cat Crap in the locker down at the lodge. Unfortunately my worst crash was my first and it led to what eventually made me retire for the day. I jammed my right thumb really bad when my body caught the ski pole when going down face first after I unexpectedly hit a mogul that I didn’t anticipate and I lost my balance. After about 3pm, I just couldn’t even hold on to the poles anymore. I considered going sans poles, but I figured it was time for some hot tea and I really needed to eat something. I am still feeling the effects of the swollen thumb. I never really under stood how even very simple things like zipping a jacket really need two WORKING thumbs.

While I was up there I ran into some people from the Pro Club learning how to snow board. That is not something I have ever really wanted to learn. Snowboarding has really made a lot of inroads in the intervening years. My estimation is that a little over half of the people on the lifts yesterday were boarders. I am old enough to remember when boards were banned from some ski resorts.

Now I need to find someone to go up with me next weekend! I enjoyed it THAT much. As much as I love skiing, my record in a season is twice. I need to change that.  Yesterday I did the most runs and was the least tired after that I can remember.  I do have a little soreness in my legs, but over all I feel decent.

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