Two planker again! December 4, 2006 at 7:32 pm

It is semi-official. Last weekend I committed a large portion of my budget to obtaining the requisite attire for plummeting down a mountain in a controlled manner on H20 in a solid fluffy state. All that verbiage for me saying that I am ready to go skiing again! Unless something comes up to change my plans the weekend will be the first time this century that I will be hurtling down a mountain on two planks affixed to my feet. I am very excited!

Nothing much else going on with the program. I hope this week shows some progress downward again. Over the weekend I was consistently under 250 so it looks promising.

One Response to “Two planker again!”

  1. I think I’ve found your new nickname . . . "Fluffy!"  I’ve always known that you’re a lightweight.  :)
    Enjoy the frigid, altitudinous, murcurial, lumber-assisted descents.  Just make sure the don’t become timber-interrupted.  Keep up the great work!